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Clover Hill Football

Clover Hill Bulldog Football – is open to all Grange Hall Elementary, Winterpock Elementary and Clover Hill Elementary boys aged 6 yrs. old to 14 yrs old.

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Chesterfield Quarterback League – CQL Football


Summer Discount

Fees Before July 8th:

  • Flag Football (Ages 6 – 7 yrs. old) – $160
  • Tackle Football (Ages 8 – 13 yrs. old) – $185

Please Note: you can sign-up today and pay before the summer discount ends on July 8th at one of our four in-person registration days.

However, if you register now but don’t pay before July 8th then the registration fee will be increased to the regular season rates of $175 for Flag Football and $200 for Tackle Football.

Credit card processing fees will apply, see details below.

In-Person Registration
CHSA will have four in-person sign up dates in June

June 4th – Grange Hall Gym: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
June 12th – Grange Hall Cafeteria: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
June 20th – Location & Time: TBA
June 28th –Location & Time: TBA

*You can register online anytime.

Registration Fee’s: Flag Football (Ages: 6 – 7): $175 and Tackle (Ages: 8-14): $200

Note: Please see information below for 14 yr old Senior Football Players.


Fee’s include full set of Uniforms (Game Pants, Game Jersey, and Socks.)

We do supply Helmets for the course of the season, and must be turned in at the end, however you are allowed to wear your own helmet as long as it is the same color, and is up to date on safety.

Important Note: Please bring a copy of your Childs Birth Certificate during registration.

Tackle Football – Senior Level

* Any player that will be 14 years old after July 31, 2018 and weighs more than 150 lbs cannot participate in CQL football. The association can only accept four 14 year old players.

Once we receive 4 eligible 14 year old players, all others will be dismissed.

Important Fee Information

If you plan to pay with a Credit or Debit Card either in person or online, a credit card processing fee will be added to your registration fee.

To avoid a processing fee, please pay during in-person registration with a check, money order or cash.

Again, you can still register online now and pay during one of the four in-person registration events to receive the Summer Discount!!!

Questions? – Please Contact our Football Director

Shawn Johnson

We are members of the Chesterfield Quarterback League – CQL Football.
More information on CQL Football can be found at

2018 Football Registration Form

* Important: This online application will fill out all forms needed to register your child to play. Once the form is filled out and submitted, you will receive an email will all the forms needed in a Word Doc for your records. 

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